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Here is a little 4 page comic that me and my Twitter Buddy Mark Peters came up with 😊 it’s a Homage to Jack Kirby Monster Comics & Romance Comics .

It’s about How a Planet Eating Space Monster Meets a Beautiful Robot and how they Fall in Love .

You can Follow Mark on Twitter here : Check out Mark Peters (@wordlust): Mark Peters I had a lot of fun Drawing this four page comic .

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The Misadventures of Izanami Grey

Here is something I have been working ..

The Misadventures of Izanami Grey mini comic part 1

Izanami Grey used to live a ordinary life nine years ago ,

As a super tech scientist who tested her life saving nano bots

On herself . Tonight she has a

Nightmare of transforming into

A hideous monster , scared she seeks the aid her new boyfriend

Kieron Shalvey also a super scientist for his help . But will it bit enough to halt the raging beast

Waiting within Her ?

17 pages / mini comic / black & White .

You can buy & read part 1 here :

And Part 2 :