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Knock About : ( a freebie ..check it out here ) 

Also it’s now Available on Gumroad too
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[ for right now It`s Digital Comics ladies and Gentlemen ]

valkyire quartet terror on the beach cover

You can Now Buy My Digital Comics Here :

You can now buy my comics on

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zero jungle cover

here is vol 1 of a collection of my previously unpublished comics i  made pre my webcomic the valkyrie quartet . its called Zero Jungle its a about a secret agent who was captured behind enemy lines and imprisoned on the rogue island nation of Gene Verte .  ( you can buy  it here at Gumroad )

zero jungle vol 2 cover

and here is Vol 2 of Zero Jungle where more questions are far from being answered about the horrible and frightening history of Gene Verte`s illegal Genetic experimentation on its prisoners and Second Class Citizens   + this volume features the very first appearance of Rhona Silvestri as a active Super Powered Hero in the City of New Oak in 2008 ( pre Valkyrie Quartet )   ( you can buy it here on GumRoad )


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