The Valkyrie Quartet

created by Jeffrey Brown

the plot

The Valkyries are an evolutionary offshoot of humanity living on earth who possess supernatural powers and have greater lifespans than the mainstream human race. The Valkyries first came into being when the extraterrestrial Ursa Urania arrived on earth to preform genetic experiments on the nascent human race to test the the adaptability of the human gene , Ursa Urania accelerated the evolution of only a hand full of subjects and gave them the genetic potential to mentally manipulate limited quantities of celestial energy ,as well as other supernatural traits . Thus Ursa Urania created the race of the Valkyries . Others among Ursala race preformed experiments on earth that lead to the creation of Zero-genes , a deviate offspring of the Valkyries .and a implantation of latent genetic material in other specimens of humanities ancestors that would one day permit benevolent mutations in human beings unto this day.


Today the Valkyrie population has tripled along with the zero-genes on earth . Living among man kind for some time now in hiding in the shadows . Others have stared a movement for co-existence between themselves and humans . While some humans feel uncomfortable with their presence living among mankind , some even fear them for the unpredictable powers they possess . last year a baby boom of sorts occurred braking records in new births among their species , hence today their population is greater than the human race and which is why most if not all humans hate and fear them .


Over the years one fraction have been fighting in secret among mankind for over a one hundred years to cleans the earth of the Valkyries and any others like them who pose a threat to the existence of the human race . This organization is known as the Pegasus Society . A paramilitary group founded by the billionaire Cassandra Bale , her family has for years hunted and killed the zero-gene spices for more than a hundred years .today they fear that their efforts have gone in vain to eliminate them all. For today there are more than eight billion of them living among the human race . More now than their was in the past . Casandra suspended the organization after their last battle with some native Valkyries in south America two years ago . Her views on that day have changed since then , today she is a Reverend for a church called the utilitarianism for change . a movement she co-founded after she shut down the society ,her business partner is the wealthy Damion thorn wood . during this time both were planing to expand their indenture when on the day of September 13th a terrorist cell known as the ultimate solution had a suicide bomber detonate a plasma bomb in the world trade center killing no more than a million innocent people . after this event Cassandra thinking that this situation might have had zero-gene involvement , her brother was in the building when it exploded knowing this only made her more determine to seek vengeance , she immediately wanted to speak to the president about staring a registration of all both zero-genes and Valkyries prevent any further destruction to the united states .but the president refused stating that he could have his people manage this problem . So after that she re launches her organization with new members and a new agenda . Fueled by her religious convictions and righteous hatred for the race now she back on the hunt to kill them all .


And on the right is a organization dedicated to opposing the Pegasus society and their beliefs , their name is the Valkyrie Foundation . Created by the world renown professor tsujigo Paloma as a grass roots organization to help teach young Valkyries how to control their newly manifested abilities and how to live in society with them . With her good intentions also come with a price , secretly she is planing world domination. Building a small network of covert operatives to push her objective that is to save humanity from itself by having Valkyries take over various parts of the glob in a coordinated effort in the future . Tsujigo believes that human nature is the cause for all the problems such as war, famine , slavery and many other unspeakable horrors happening today . She feels that humans are genetically inferior to the Valkyrie race because of their lack of wisdom . Tsujigo believes the only way to achieve world peace is by systematically take over the world . She plans on doing this in time but for now she is seeking out other equally more powerful beings such as her self to help her reach her goal . Her plan is to create a multipurpose international peace keeping organization that works secretly with the united nations to covertly police the world from any and all threats human and Valkyrie alike . Having them pose as heroes to mislead the public and the media in the process of their leaders true intentions behind the scenes .


Both groups are fighting for the same prize survival of the fittest .

Both sides are preparing for the coming war , so side are you on in this most uncertain future .



created by © 2009-2011 Jeffrey Brown

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