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The Misadventures of Izanami Grey Welcome to Gen-verte parts 1 & 2

Part 2

The mission was simple recuse the President and deliver him to the feds so he can be convicted for his Crimes . That’s what Izanami Grey & her boyfriend Kieron Shalvey thought when they took on the job . But now there’s another problem the angry Citizens of Gen-verte want to hold

A little trial of their own to punish the most hated man in the world . Will Izanami save this Man or will she let him

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Part 1 :

Welcome to gen-verte Izanami Grey

After the events of part 2 of this story our title character is temporarily cured of her condition by Special Agent Sevingy .

But under one condition Izanami must rescue the president who is about to go on trial by the UN for various war crimes he has committed & human rights violations . Only question is will Izanami take the job or will she just let the angry mob of survivors of a recent natural disaster have their Justice instead ? ( You buy the Digital version for $4 from my Gumroad store ) https://gum.co/Genverte

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